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Want to shrink everything from trees to houses? Well this is the addon for you! Simply throw a trident and it will shrink a 7x7x7 area. All you have to do is apply the behavior pack and your good to go.

To shrink an area, you have to throw a trident at what you want to shrink (make sure you do not pick up the trident). Wait about 10 seconds for it to completely finish.  Do ‘/function HELP’ if you forget. Multiplayer compatible.  **Works about 90% of the time**

Do not throw multiple tridents at the same time!

Do not have loyalty on a trident!

One last thing, these things can get really laggy if you spawn too many. Do ‘/function delete’ to kill all shrunken things.

Enjoy! -Created by Freddricc. Inspiration from SethBling.

Do not showcase or use in maps without credits to me.


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