Minecraft Superflat Presets (Imported from Java)


Are you bored of the default superflat that can’t be modified in Bedrock Edition? Well, don’t worry. You can download these 8 interesting superflat presets that imported from Java Edition!

There is eight superflat worlds in this pack. For example, the pictures that are shown is Redstone Ready, Water World, Tunneler’s Dream, Void, and Snowy Kingdom. (In order)

Here is a list of all the presets:

  • Bottomless Pit (The bottom is cobblestone)
  • Desert
  • Overworld (still flat)
  • Redstone Ready (commonly used for redstone)
  • Snowy Kingdom
  • Tunneler’s Dream
  • Void (empty, useful for map makers)
  • Water World

Note: There is no generated structures in this map.

Updated the thumbnail and a zip file contains all the presets.

Pictures are no updated and no longer have the black outline in the left of the photo.

Updated the description, because it was not informative and pointless.


Changed the title and description with imported from Java Edition.

Added more pictures to some presets (Redstone Ready, Void, Water World, AMD Tunnelers Dream)

Instead of the maps is on a zip file, all of them is now on a .mcworld file.


Supported Minecraft versions


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