Minecraft Trevor Henderson Creatures Add-On


Hello everyone, I’m JPG YT, and not long ago I made the Pac-Man Add-on on MCPEDL! Well, I’m back at it again, and now I’m bringing you all my Trevor Henderson Creatures Add-on! Introducing quite a few characters, and more! So if you have any changes you want me to make let me know down in the comments, so I can review your ideas and requests! So I hope you all enjoy the add-on and I hope to see you all again soon!

What Are We Expecting?

You are expecting many characters from the artist trevor henderson who makes horror art pieces which are really amazing! But not all of the characters that he made are in the add-on, a chunk of them I’ve made so far. But, I plan to make more as time goes on! After-all, this is only a beta so I’m trying to expand the add-on as much as I can, so for now, enjoy!

What can we expect in the future?

You can expect more add-ons coming out in the future! I have no idea what, but we’ll find out as time goes on. So I’ll see you all later, bye guys!

Siren Head

  • Health: 100,000
  • Attack: 10,000 (Will Instantly Break Armor)

Light Head

  • Health: 50,000
  • Attack: Also 10,000

Cartoon Dog

  • Health: 50,000
  • Attack: 10,000

Cartoon Cat

  • Health: 50,000
  • Attack: 10,000

Breaking News

  • Health: 300,000
  • Attack: 100,000 (Is Going To Be The Hardest To Kill)


  • Is Used For Transportation!

-Updated The Cover Of The Add-On!

-Changed Some Sounds To Cartoon Dog!

-Added Breaking News!


Warning! There Are Loud Noices In This Add-On! So If You Download Don’t Blast Your Sound To Max!


Supported Minecraft versions

RTX Beta

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