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Minegames is a world made by me, SuperProgram, which includes multiple different minigames for you and your friends to enjoy! Each minigame has it’s own unique gameplay, and the map is ever-updating, meaning more minigames are to be added in the future!


Minegames is currently on update v3.32

[ – The shaders and texture pack in the screenshots prior are not included in the world download -]

Play minigames against your friends, earn points, and, in general, just have a fun time!

Minegames has been something that I’ve been passionate about for ages, ever since the first version, Minegames Alpha. The Minegames has reset multiple times, which is explained in the map. You can read about it if you wish. It can be found at the Info Centre. The Info Centre can be located to the right of spawn (facing the giant sign).

How to play the minigames, and what to do in the world is all written in the Info Centre in the world. Where the Info Centre is, is explained in the previous paragraph.

Make sure you download the resource pack/addon pack downloaded with the world. It is what allows you to know where you are going.

I hope you enjoy Minegames. I’ve put so much effort and work into the world. I really do hope it’s sufficient to people’s entertainment! This’ll be my first time uploading a map to MCPEDL, so I hope you guys can forgive my flaws.

I occasionally do streams of me working on Minegames on my YouTube. Subscribe to Aden Lynn on so you can watch them. 🙂


Simply download the world from the link given, and open the file in Minecraft. You’re then able to play!

As I said earlier, if you’re joining the world, make sure you download the resource pack/addon pack so you know where you’re going!


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