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MineRay aims at improving & helping in many aspects of your Minecraft experience, such as Different Variants of X-Ray, unlimited night-vision, and many more features that will help you find ores, caves, and player bases! Or use the useful features this pack offers without X-Ray Enabled!

Features include:

  • Selectable Varients of X-Ray,
  • Ore border is outlined ,
  • Unlimited Night Vision,
  • Doors & trapdoors are easier to see-through,
  • Rain is more transparent and rain splashes are removed,
  • Small pumpkin indicator when wearing a pumpkin,
  • Bows & Crossbows charge indicators,
  • Lower shields & totems,
  • Numbered Hotbar,
  • Clearwater,
  • Sky compass, [Inspired by JEBR_Gaming]
  • Many smaller tweaks!

Remember to go to settings to select if you want X-Ray or not.

X-Ray Set-Up:

if installed correctly this should appear, to activate it in Realms & Servers go to

Settings > Global Resources > My Packs > Activate

This will apply the resource pack, to activate X-Ray and select different varieties of it, press the gear-like button, and select the option that suits you the best!

X-Ray Options:

These are all of the X-Ray options you can choose from!

Hopefully, in the future, I’ll add more!

X-Ray Result:

Other Features:

Outlined ore border:

Bow & Crossbow power stages:

See-through Doors & Trapdoors:

Small pumpkin indicator for when wearing one:

Numbered Hotbar:

SkyCompass: [Inspired by JEBR_Gaming]

Original Creator of SkyCompass: JEBR_Gaming, Twitter Account

Knowing how to know which direction you are moving is hard for some people. Especially if you are not using a locator map

How does it work?

To determine the direction you are facing you must be facing the letter. The letter you are facing may seem upside-down or sideways, but this is because there is no way to make it always face you.

[The compass in the sky may seem wrong (East and West are switched), but this is done because the top cube map texture doesn’t face North]


If it fails to import, restart your game and try again. If it continues to fail, reinstall the pack and move it to resource pack in files


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