Mini Statues Addon adds 7 mini statues the dimensions of 1 block and new zombies necessary to make these statues. All seven statues are made an equivalent way and work an equivalent way. I hope you wish this addon.



Mini Statues Addon

All seven statues are made an equivalent way and work an equivalent way.

There are seven statues:

1. MCPEDL Statue

Mini Statues Addon

2. Alien Demon Statue

Mini Statues Addon

3. Green Dragon Statue

Mini Statues Addon

4. Mutant Bug Statue

Mini Statues Addon

5. Centaur Statue

Mini Statues Addon

6. Iron Axe Statue

Mini Statues Addon

7. Pizza Statue

Mini Statues Addon

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How do i buy these statues?

You will need two things: base and compressed cobblestone plate.

1. Base

To get the bottom, you want to kill the bloody zombie (has an equivalent characteristics because the normal zombie with a small difference in speed and damage and spawning in two forms, one with an iron helmet and therefore the other with an iron axe) there’s a 1/3 chance of getting the bottom and 2/3 of getting coocked beef.

  • Bloody Zombie
Mini Statues Addon
  • Bloody zombie with an iron helmet
Mini Statues Addon
  • Bloody zombie with an iron axe
Mini Statues Addon

2. Compressed Cobblestone Plate

To get the compressed cobblestone plate, all you would like is 5 cobblestones, you’ve got to place them within the crafting table within the sort of the letter (X) as shown within the picture.

After you get both the bottom and therefore the compressed cobblestone plate, first, you would like to spawn the bottom within the place where you want to place the statue (you can restore the bottom by hitting it only).

Then you want to put the compressed cobblestone plate within the stone cutter then choose the statue (you can restore the plate by placing the statue’s logo within the stone cutter).

Then all you’ve got to try to to is put the statue on the bottom by right-clicking or long pressing thereon and congratulations, you bought the statue (to break the statue you’ve got to hit it with a pickaxe).


  • I add Centaur Statue.
  • I edit Statues textures.
  • I edit Mcpedl Statue animation

Download Mini Statues Addon (Support Creator) 

Download Mini Statues Addon (Drive)

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