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Miniblocks Addon for Minecraft [250+] – MCPE AddOns

What do you think about the friendly miniblocks addon in survival mode which can use to decorate your world and not make it lag?. Well, why you don’t try this addon right now when it added over 250 mini-blocks!! Use them to decorate and detail your build. Moreover, they will not make your world become lag. That’s so a great choice!

Creator: Ultr4Anubis, Twitter

Miniblocks Addon

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Most of Miniblocks Addon on bedrock Edition use entities or on new custom blocks. However, it does not add in all blocks, only add a limited amount of blocks.

This is a small collection of blocks, around 250+ miniblocks (in fact it’s most likely around 300 blocks)

How to obtain

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All blocks in this addon can be crafted by placing an iron ingot in a stonecutter.


  • These blocks are multi-directional and positions
  • Using the wrench to change the position of the mini-block being on the wall to be on the bottom of a block.

Don’t ignore the Wrench in this Miniblocks Addon, because this is the most useful item. It let you rotate the blocks from being at a 45 angle or to being on a wall.

Crafting recipe:

Not stop there, this addon have also one more cool thing. That is emissive mini blocks which allow some mini blocks to be used as functional light sources.

The list of emissive mini blocks:

Jackolantern Shroomlight
Glowstone Sea Lantern
Redstone Lamp Blast Furnace
Furnace Smoker

 👉 If you are looking for more addons, you can check out some other ones in MC AddOns


– Changed the sound that plays to be less intrusive
– Fixed a broken rotation state caused by 1.18.10
– Added many new mini blocks


mcpeaddons download

Miniblocks Addons mcaddon or here (gg drive)

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