Minze Be

A bundle of furniture for Minecraft is called Minze Be. This set includes a desk, drawer, floor shelf, cabinet, plant, and shelf decor as well as clutter and floor décor.

Minze BE is a CTM (custom item model), and it is only intended as an ornamental block.

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Some of the blocks contain variations, so if you click the same block while holding it, the model will change.

You could see all the block that have variation in the Catalog with the star on the end of there name.

You can only obtian it in creative only survival mode are not implemented.

Cre: Legolas (Twitter)

Minze BE

To use this you have to use the function command. For example /function shelf1oak, would give you the shelf 1 oak variant.

Minze Be

You could get full sets with the function command /function shelfoakall would give you the full set of shelf oak.

Minze BE
Minze Be
Minze Be
Minze Be
Minze Be
  1. Please don’t redistribute this to any other website
  2. Please don’t claim these models as your own
  3. Please don’t link the media file when crediting

Catalog Link: https://minze-bedrock.carrd.co/


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HanaTheBanana giving me permission to used her texture

Some Furniture addons for Minecraft PE you can check in Mcpeaddons.com:


You also need to turn the following Expiremetal Features on in order for the pack to work correctly:

Holiday Creator Features

Additional Modding Capabilities


Minze Be

Download Minze BE

Download Minze BE (Now)

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