Missile And TNT Addon

Missile and TNT Addon adds more missiles to your game. The missile can be crafted by crafting-table.

Creator: Kar Zex (Youtube)

Missile and TNT Addon


  1. Normal TNT and Missile

2. TNTx5 and Missile

3. TNTx20 and Missile

4. TNTx100 and Missile

5. TNTx500 and Missile

6. Nuclear TNT and Missile

7. Nether TNT and Missile

8. Animal TNT and Missile: Spawn all mobs

9. Flat TNT and Missile: Delete all of the blocks

10. Lightning TNT and Missile: Spawn lightning bolt on all mob

11. Ender TNT and Missile: This missile raises 20x20x20 blocks

12. Multiply TNT and Missile: Spawn more 9 TNTs

13. Freeze TNT and Missile: Ice 20x20x20 Blocks

14. Fire TCT and Missile: In the Forest, it becomes hell

15. Ocean TNT and Missile

16. TNT Firework and Missile

By aadhu

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