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If you need sword like in the mmorpg game that has a certain type of rarity and also can not be destroyed so this is the addon that you are looking for!


This addon contains a lot of swords that have the type of rarity, unbreakable like in the MMORPG game. and also has certain abilities!

for example like the image below

Note: All the weapons above can’t be destroyed & uncraftable, so I suggest that to get this weapon you can build a shop and make a system command block, or you can make certain events and then get this weapon, for example, like killing a boss then the boss drops one of this weapon.


+ Uncommon (HP +20, ATK +8)

+ Common (HP +30, ATK +8)

+ Rare (HP +40, ATK +8)

+ Legendary (HP +50, ATK +8)

+ Mystic (HP +60, ATK +10)

+ Swords

+ Axe

+ Hammer

+ Spear

+ Scimitar

+ Scythe

+ Long Swords



Q: Will this addon be used in WoA?

A: Yes it will.

Q: Help me, I can’t make this weapon and how to get this weapon in survival mode

A: I have written in the description, this add-on cannot be obtained in survival mode and also made using a crafting table a.k.a (Uncraftable).

Q: How to install this addon?

A: Quite easy, after you download this add-on, you just open the file that you downloaded, and then the add-on will automatically install on your Minecraft

Q: I can’t open file with format “mcaddon”, please help me!

A: You can rename the file from “mcaddon” to “zip”, then extract the file into the Minecraft folder on your phone

Q: Which version of Minecraft can use this addon?

A: I use Minecraft version 1.16 beta, maybe the lower version can still use it.

Q: Please help me, I’m still dunno how to make this weapon?

A: Okay i got it now, you are stupid, please read the description, i beg you 🙁

Q: Your add-on is the worst addon in this site!

A: I’m so sorry, cuz this is my first time making some addon, this is all i got :’),  i will try my best to make this addon getting better

Q: Hey I’ve seen this addon on another site, are you the original creator of this addon? 

A: Oh yeah, are you sure? please put the link about that site in down below. I’m pretty sure this add-on was made by my self.

Q: How do you make this add-on?, please tell me!

A: I’m using “MCPE Addon Maker” from play store, you can try it if you want to


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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