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With this script, you can play your favorite Minecraft music anywhere. Just run a command, and music will automatically play while you’re playing Minecraft. Currently supports shuffling, looping and playing any music disc of your choice.


  • /function jukebox/shuffle – Automatically plays random songs
  • /function jukebox/play – Type this command while holding a music disc to play it
  • /function jukebox/loop – Loop the song you are currently hearing
  • /function jukebox/skip – Skip the song you are currently hearing
  • /function jukebox/status – See in the chat how far you’re into the song
  • /function jukebox/progress – Toggle the progress bar that shows up when you’re playing a song (on by default)
  • /function jukebox/particles – Toggle the note particles that show up above your head while playing a song (on by default)

Other info

  • This was tested on 1.14.60 so if you are playing on a different version, I cannot guarantee that it will work
  • This does support multiplayer
  • Only works for Windows 10 and Android with Blocklauncher
  • Make sure you turn on experimental gameplay in the world settings
  • If you have any questions/feedback, feel free to leave a comment or email me at [My username]


Supported Minecraft versions


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