Modern Blocks addons

Build and create your contemporary house, buildings, offices, bedroom, kitchen, closet, and any other constructions with these new ornamental modern blocks to make your world look more modern. Create modern furniture in various versions, tiles in various varieties, each variation containing a new pattern, construct roads with everything you’ll need, and much more!

Cre: Vechrozilator (Youtube, Twitter)

Modern Blocks Addon

Modern Blocks Addon added 1000+ modern blocks in the game including Modern bookshelf, cabinets, drawers, tiles, and 3d blocks furnitures, with most blocks having 16 distinct colors and wooden blocks in all wood types, customisable tiles that may add different patterns using Tile Pattern, and so on!


There are additional tools in this addon that may be used to demolish certain blocks; as it is currently not feasible to destroy custom blocks in survival with vanilla tools, these tools were created.

Plastic Axe is a tool that may be used to quickly destroy blocks that are made of plastic.

Wood Saw – Use to quickly destroy wood blocks, even vanilla blocks.

Sledgehammer – used to quickly destroy stone-type blocks and tiles, such as vanilla blocks.

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Tiles are one of the most important architectural materials for indoor and outdoor flooring, walkways, swimming pools, walls, partitions, and roofs. The game includes a variety of Tiles, each with its own set of features, textures, and applications.

In the game, there are 260 distinct tiles, each of which has a slabs type. There are 16 different colors in a tile, and each one can contain up to five different patterns. There are also numerous categories of tiles: Porcelain tiles with a rough texture are ideal for outdoor flooring. Wooden Tile with a textured surface; Tiles with 16 distinct colors in a checkered pattern; Tiles for the pool and tiles for the bathroom:

It looks more realistic pool right?

Decorative Blocks

You can use hundreds of blocks to decorate, construct structures, design, and so on. The majority of decorative blocks are constructed of liquid polymers, which are created by melting crude oil in a blast furnace.

As a result, Chemistry Because you can’t get crude oil in survival because tables aren’t craftable in the game, I’ll provide a recipe for them. The recipes are identical in the Uncraftable add-on I also produced.

You may also make liquid plastic using the Plastic Extractor.

Plastic Extractor can be used to extract liquid plastic from the ground in order to manufacture liquid plastic; however, it can only be used on nature blocks found in the global layer, excluding ores.

Furniture Blocks

Furniture blocks are also available for use in the design of interior buildings such as offices, kitchens, wardrobes, schools, and so on.

Modern Blocks Addon
Modern Blocks Addon 15

We also have 3D furnitures that aren’t just for decoration but also have some functions; some of the blocks already have functions, and more will be added shortly

Picture Frame

Are you sick of the painting we use as a decoration? We have two new photo frames: one that stands on its own and the other that hangs on the wall. By default, these image frames do not have any photographs on them; however, you are free to choose any pictures you want to put on them. Simply select any of the photographs that are accessible.

Here’s an example of a structure that includes a wooden drawer, a picture frame, and various vanilla blocks.

Kitchen Stuff

There are also blocks built just for kitchens, such as countertops, countertops with sinks, cabinets, and drawers. We also have a fridge, microwave oven, cooking range, and other appliances that are now unusable; however, the water dispenser is now operational and works in conjunction with the water container; you may learn how to use it after giving it a try.

City Decor

Our modern blocks aren’t complete without city decoration blocks; say goodbye to the alternative blocks you used in creating roads; we have road blocks for that. There are several types of road blocks that you may require in the construction of city highways or roads.

Modern Blocks Addon

This isn’t only about roadblocks; there are also caution blocks, traffic cones, and other city-related barriers.

Where to see all blocks and items?

All blocks and things can be found in your creative inventory, so if you’re in survival mode, you can view them in your recipe book and don’t have to learn every block’s recipe.

Modern Blocks Addon
Modern Blocks Addon 18

Need more in-depth guide?

If the highlights discussion isn’t enough for you, we also have the Modern Blocks Guide, which is a guide created specifically for this addon. It is a separate pack, so you’ll need to download and install it as well if you require it.

Modern Blocks Addon

It turned the UI for ‘How to Play’ into a tutorial. This guide contains everything you’ll need to get started with this addon; simply read it and you’ll be good to go. This is how it seems.

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Modern Blocks Addon update | Short highlights review!


What’s New!

Added Blocks

  • More colors of one way glass
  • Screen Block

New Features

  • Water dispenser and water container now has a function
  • Plastic Door is now fully functional
  • Pictures now has title, show below its name
  • Tile Pattern now show its pattern name below its name
  • Fluorescent light is now connectable


  • Togglable lights can now produce sounds when turning on and off
  • Upper part of fridge and chairs is no longer hollow
  • The darker side of one way glass is now more opaque
  • When one way glass is place its opaque side will be facing on you, this will let you easily place it.
  • One way glass recipe is now cheaper and recipe shapeless
  • Items are now in item tab in creative inventory
  • All items and blocks were converted into new format to keep up with Minecraft updates, keep updating your Minecraft too for better experience


  • Fixed a bug were most of 3d blocks have an ‘update texture’ and cannot show its model
  • Fixed a bug were some block failed to register in game
  • Fixed a bug were tools cannot read in game
  • Fixed a bug were some tiles cannot be seen in creative inventory
  • Fixed all error occurs from the addon

Downloads Modern Blocks Addon (BP) – Linkverstise OR FILE DRIVE

Downloads Modern Blocks Addon (RP) – Linkverstise  OR FILE DRIVE

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