Monsterverse Addon

Today, Minecraft Pocket Edition players can rejoice as the long awaited Monsterverse Addon (Beta) is finally here! This add-on is now available for all Pocket Edition players, giving them a whole host of new monsters, items and features to enjoy.

The Monsterverse Addon (Beta) adds mobs such as the dangerous deathly bear and the incredibly powerful giant spider. These mobs are incredibly powerful, and can present a challenge even to the most experienced Minecraft players. With these mobs, the new items introduced alongside the add-on can help players defeat them with ease. From the deadly thunderbow to the powerful moonstone sword, there are plenty of new tools to help players to take on the challenge of the strong new mobs.

Of course, the Monsterverse Addon (Beta) isn’t just about adding deadly mobs and powerful weapons. There are plenty of new blocks, items and features included as well. They expand the creative potential of players, allowing them to construct impressive builds and creations. With the comprehensive new set of blocks, players can construct an even greater variety of structures and buildings to explore, as well as create unique new buildings to share with friends.

The Monsterverse Addon (Beta) brings a true monster-themed experience to Pocket Edition Minecraft. With its dangerous new mobs, powerful items and creative blocks, it is sure to make Pocket Edition Minecraft a playground filled with adventure and challenge. For anyone looking for an exciting new experience, the Monsterverse Addon (Beta) is the perfect way to get it.

The Monsterverse Addon includes movies including Godzilla (from 2014), Kong Skull Island (from 2017), Godzilla King of the Monsters (from 2019), and Godzilla vs. Kong (“2021”).

Creator: Monster122 (Youtube, Twitter)

Monsterverse Addon

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The comic’s monsters won’t be expanded upon.

With new animations, functionality, and other improvements, Monsterverse Addon is entirely distinct from Godzilla and Kong Rise of the Titans addon.

Titanus Kong

Monsterverse Addon
Monsterverse Addon

Without axe:

Health: 953000
Attack: 35000
Heavy attack(1): 89000
Heavy attack(2): 79000
Heavy attack(3): 69000

With axe:

Health: 953000
Attack: 41000
Heavy attack(1): 92200
Heavy attack(2): 89530
Heavy attack(3): 89530

How to turn him with the axe?

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simply spawn the ancient axe close to Kong.

Monsterverse Addon

How about about while controlling?

You need to unmount then spawn the axe close to Kong.

Monsterverse Addon

Titanus Gojira

Monsterverse Addon
Monsterverse Addon

Health: 1690000
Attack: 35000
Tail swipe/Heavy attack(1): 99000
Stomp/Heavy attack(2): 95000
Atomic Breath (per hit): 30000
Atomic Query (per hit): 30000

Godzilla’s atomic query can drill on your world.

Monsterverse Addon

Mecha Godzilla

Monsterverse Addon
Monsterverse Addon

Health: 1899700
Attack: 38500
Tail swipe/Heavy attack(1): 99987
Heavy kick/Heavy attack(2): 96543
Tail drill/Heavy attack(3): 99998
Photon Beam (per hit): 36500
Missiles (per hit): 25000

Thermonuclear Godzilla

Monsterverse Addon
Monsterverse Addon

Thermonuclear pulse(1): 9998765
Thermonuclear Stomp(2): 865000

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Thermonuclear Godzilla’s attacks only based on the movie…

Some Minecraft Addons PE you can check in

You can controll the Titan

How do I control them?

•simply use the end crystal and long press to make them controlled. (Be sure your camera perspective is third person view)

Monsterverse Addon

Be sure to turn on Holliday Creator features to access the Control feature

Monsterverse Addon

Important Note

•Do not share the addon through direct links.

•Be sure to atleast credit me when using this addon.

•You can share the addon as long as the link is MCPEDL.

•the addon is Beta, if you encounter any possible bugs you can DM me on Twitter:

Monsterverse Addon

Download Monsterverse Addon

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:

Monsterverse Addon

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