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Moondrop: Food! Moondrop Craft  – MCPE AddOns

The recent launch of Moondrop Craft by MCPE AddOns has set the gaming world ablaze. This unique moddable version of the popular MineCraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) released by Mojang has allowed gamers to craft their very own unique Moondrop items.

Moondrop Craft adds a layer of creative freedom for gamers, allowing them to customize everything from the look and feel of their game to the very items they can craft. With this new mod, players can craft a wide range of Moondrop items that include food, tools, weapons, armor, and even a special type of “Moondrop food blocks”. The craftable items are also upgradable, with each item having a different type of craftability. For example, players can upgrade tools to increase their effectiveness, and can also upgrade weapons and armor to become more powerful.

The mod also offers players an array of custom textures and blocks, allowing them to create a true custom Moondrop experience. Additionally, gamers can also obtain certain Moondrop items by using the in-game crafting system. Doing so allows for a wide range of creative options to be explored.

Not only does the mod offer creative freedom, but it also adds a layer of fun and excitement to the game. Players can now battle with one another as they craft unique food blocks and items that are only obtainable through the mod. As for the competitive scene, the mod has already become the focus of numerous competitions and tournaments.

In short, the new Moondrop Craft mod from MCPE AddOns is sure to be a fan favorite, as it offers gamers all the creative freedom they could want and much, much more. If you’ve been yearning for a more customizable MineCraft experience, then Moondrop Craft promises to deliver.

Moondrop Craft is an addon for Minecraft which adds new Food decorative items to make your Minecraft more cute and aesthetic. This pack contains bread, cakes, condiments and many more!

Creator: Ikuyuk (Youtube, twitter)

Moondrop: Food

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Moondrop Craft is a CIM addon (Custom Item Model).

You can get these items through /Functioncommands.

These blocks cannot be interacted with and are for aesthetic use only.

Moondrop Craft
Moondrop Craft
Moondrop CraftMoondropCraft Catalog

Moondrop Craft  5″>
Moondrop Craft Credit by linking my Moondrop Craft Youtube Video.

Moondrop Craft 
Moondrop Craft
Moondrop Craft
Moondrop Craft
Moondrop Craft
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Moondrop TOU (Terms of Use)

This Add-on was inspired by “MizunosGhoulcraftCocricot, and Hananacraft


【New Models】

  • Macarons ( contains 8 colors )
  • Breadbaskets
  • Displaytrays
  • Emptyplates/Emptybaskets

【Improved models】

( you can still get the old version )

  • New Jam jars 
  • New Cookie plate 

【Pack changelog】

Moondrop Craft

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