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If you are tired of the same food as always, this addon is for you because it adds 19 new foods for our survival world, This addon will add a new loot of pork that would be the bacon that we can cook.

This Addon adds 19 new foods that you can get in your survival world, the foods would be the following:

-Apple ice cream.           -Cooked bacon

-Bacon.                             -Egg sandwich

-Beef sandwich.              -Fried egg

-Berry ice cream.            -Jam

-Bread with jam.              -Melon ice cream

-Cheese.                       -Porkchop sandwich

-Cheese sandwich.         -Slice bread

-Chicken sandwich.         -Slice cheese

-Chocolate ice cream.    -Chocolate

-Cone                                -Cactus fruit

-Corn                                 -Cornbread

-Knife                                -Tortilla

-Beef taco                       -Porkchop taco

-Chicken taco

The crafting would be the following:

Egg sandwich.

Nutrition: 5

Watermelon ice cream.

Nutrition: 5

Cooked egg.

Nutrition: 4

Bacon cooked.

Nutrition: 5

Chocolate ice cream.

Nutrition: 5


Nutrition: 2

Cheese sandwich.

Nutrition: 5

Cheese slice.

Nutrition: 1

Bread with jam.

Nutrition: 4


Nutrition: 3

Berry ice cream.

Nutrition: 5

Chicken sandwich. (There is a bug in crafting but it is already fixed)

Nutrition: 7

Porkchop sandwich.

Nutrition: 9

Beef sandwich.

Nutrition: 9

Slice of bread.

Nutrition: 1

Apple ice cream.

Nutrition: 5


Nutrition: 1


Nutrition: 3

Cactus fruit

Nutrition: 2


Nutrition: 5


Nutrition: 2

Beef taco

Nutrition: 9

Chicken taco

Nutrition: 7

Porkchop taco

Nutrition: 9



To get the corn you will have to break a block of corn that will be generated randomly by the world, when breaking it will give you between 0-2 of corn.

You can plant the corn in a block of grass, when you click on the grass it will automatically generate a block of corn, but a corn will be removed from your inventory.

The egg and the bacon can be put on the campfire to cook them and also in the smoker.

Bacon is achieved by killing the pigs, and if you kill the pig by burning it it will give you the cooked bacon.

Now it is compatible for realms, that is, you do not need to activate the experimental game mode.

If you want to make a video of this addon, leave the download link on this page and / or give me credits at least in the description.

My YouTube channel

All the textures are% 100 made by me, if you want to use one you can contact me on my Instagram which is in any video on my channel.

  • More food was added.
  • The crafting of the cheese slice and the cheese slice were changed.
  • Corn and dough were added.
  • Fixed crafting the chicken sandwich.
  • New cheese texture.
  • Now the cheese slice gives 1 nutrition.



Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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