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Well I was searching through mcpedl recently for some new addons and I saw the old zombie pigman addon and I started to think up an addon of my own and this is what became of it.

This addon adds in 5 new mobs including the returning zombie pigman that I and many others miss.

The Zombie Pigman- This is pretty self explanatory, The zombie pigman is a mob that got replaced in the recent minecraft update the nether update, many people were sad over its loss so I decided to add it back.

The Mistake- Back when Notch created minecraft he messed up the pig model and made this monstrosity, he eventually decided to use it as the model for the creeper, this mob is passive and spawns normally around in the overworld.

The Pigman- another creature from minecraft’s past, the pigman would’ve played as the original villagers trading with rubies, the pigman doesn’t spawn naturally and is created by shocking a zombie pigman with lightning.

The Boar- The boar is a hostile version of the pig and will also spawn naturally in the overworld.

The Creepy Pig- this mob is just a creeper with a pig model and it was will act exactly like a creeper, exploding as soon as its close.


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