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Morphing Bracelet [ALPHA] – MCPE AddOns

Hotfix 0.1.1!

This hotfix fixes two main issues of the addon on newer versions of Minecraft, the crash when morphing to a different mob and the morph menu not opening when using the bracelet.

Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when morphing to different mobs
  • Fixed an issue where the morph menu won’t open when using the bracelet
  • Removed the “mojang-gametest” module because it was never used by the addon
  • This addon is now updated to 1.19.30!
  • Removed the ram attack animation of goats when sneaking
  • Hoglin and zoglin now match the collision box of the actual mobs

And don’t worry, the next update is halfway done! I just released this hotfix to make the addon playable and updated even if the new update is not here yet. I can say that the next update optimizes a lot of stuff and a big thing coming to the addon that is very revolutionary O_O

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