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Do you think it’s cool to ride on spiders? This add-on adds three spiders to the game and they can be tamed and mounted using a saddle like a horse!

The add-on adds five spiders so you can have fun in your world:
  • Ender Spider
  • Ice Spider
  • Swamp Spider
  • Nether Spider
  • Sand Spider
  1. Ender spider can teleport and spawn in the end, nether and in his world just like an enderman
  2. Icespider spawns in snow biomes and leaves a trail of snow when walking like a snowgolem
  3. The swamp spider spawns in swamp.
  4. The nether spider spawns in nether and is immune to fire
  5. The sand spider spawns in the desert


How to ride a spider?

First you must tame it using a fermented spider eye.

Then click “mount” and put a saddle, you’re done!

Once tamed she will follow you and protect you!

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  • New video showing how to pass the ad
  • Spawning chances decreased by 50/30% in the overworld
  • Removed the text “action.hint.exit.mcpe” that appeared when riding a spider
  • Added sand spider
  • Newlook for ice spider
  • Added poison effect
  • Added nether spider
  • Added Spanish and English support (I had forgotten)
  • The add-on has been completely redone, in the past you could only ride the normal spider, now you have spiders for it!


Supported Minecraft versions


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