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Are you tired of the boring old Minecraft worlds? This world, “Mountain Island,” is a custom generated terrain world which you can play both in survival and in creative as well. 

Mountain Island features a mesa and desert biome to meet your glass and terracotta needs. This world includes custom trees built into the world.This world is both playable in survival and in creative. You could test your building skills by challenging yourself in this custom terrain. Since this custom terrain is not infinite, you can still find a end portal, as well as other generated structures outside the island. So I suggest adventuring outside the island to defeat the ender dragon.Since there is no villages on this island, you could get villagers on this island by curing a zombie villager with a golden apple and a potion of weakness. To get varieties of trees on your island, you could trade with a wandering villager to get acacia saplings, etc.

Important: If your game lags, please turn down your graphical settings to enjoy nice and smooth game play. This world exceeds 25 MB.

Fixed description. Added more details to the description and tweaked introduction.


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