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Bedrock Class PvP Map with 29 Unique Classes and 13 Extremely Detailed Maps! Every Class has it’s own distinct load out and play style! Every map allows for certain classes to beat out others. Best with at least two players using different classes.

My channel for credit:

Trailer for MMC PvP:

This is a small sample of the maps we have

Any feedback or suggestions can be left in the comments here or on my release video!

MMC PvP (Multi Map Class PvP) has been in the works for quite a while and is finally being released!

Actually includes Plaguebringer and Adventurer

Buffed Necromancer

Buffed Mechanic

Buffed Bird

Buffed Horseman

Nerfed Chicken

Nerfed Atlantean

Adjusted Multitool

Other small map additions

Improved the description to abide by the release rules so it actually gets put up


Supported Minecraft versions


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