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Murder Run is one of the most common and fun mini games out there. This map features 3 maps, each with its own cool and unique hiding spots and it can be played up to 3-5 players. 

Murder Run v1 is simple. There will be one killer and the rest will be survivors. They will be divided and each have the chance to buy simple items to help them in the game. There is no time limit to how long they can buy. Once everyone is ready, players much press the ready button then survivors will have 40 seconds to hide and after that the killer will be released.


          There are three areas to play on in the map. 

Abandoned Mansion:

 – An old and abandoned mansion that has been built since the old ages, full of cobwebs and even holes and missing blocks which are perfect for hiding. 

Plane Crash:

-A tragic event where a plane has crash into a small and quiet town leaving the whole place empty and full of debree where you can hide yourself in case you need to. 

Empty Supermarket:

An mall that has been closed down due to financial reasons but then you sneak in running from the killer and find many places to hide and get away to as you run around the empty shopping mall. 


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