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Mysterious Mushroom House – MCPE AddOns

Mysterious Mushroom House is an adventure map where you’ll find books and complete task, and get bounties and a feeling of accomplishment! This is my first chart so I hope you like it!

Cre: Tiny Dinosaur

Mysterious Mushroom House

Mysterious Mushroom House is for those who like to explore, In the map to make it interesting for players creators have created quests for players to complete. Have fun exploring this map.

And I am going to add added, I am just seeing if anyone likes it for now if you do I’ll expand.

  • Credit to iKorbon for his addon Abundance O’Biomes
  • Credit to Fallen Toast for his addon Natural (Nature) Structures V10

This chart is a chart where you find buttons and switches, and secret entrances, there will be a inkling each time you get past a holdback. I’ll add farther to the chart, if you guys like it! I hope you have fun!

Some Minecraft Mushroom House Maps or Seeds that you maybe like in page’s Mcpe Addons

  • Small Jungle Island, Mushroom Island and Ruined Portal | Minecraft Seed
  • Zombie Village attached to Mushroom Biome
  • Survival Island, Mushroom, Ice Spikes & Village | Minecraft Seed


Put farther details of the chart, I hope it helps you understand what this chart is. 

Mysterious Mushroom House

Download Mysterious Mushroom House

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