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Mystic Weapon Addons for Minecraft

Powerful magical weapons in Mystic Weapon addon will bring you special abilities. There are 3 kinds of Mystic Weapon and an Armor, each one has an element type and its power is according to that element.

Cre: Vechrozilator, Youtube, Twitter

Mystic Weapon

Element Stones

This is a unique and expensive item for crafting different Mystic Weapons. You can have a chance to buy them in wandering traders or some specific loot such as unique chest loot like buried treasure, chest in some village or by some entity’s drop loot.

It includes these colors:

  • Earth: Brown-orange
  • Fire: Red
  • Water: Blue
  • Ice: Cyan
  • Wind: Green
  • Lightning: Purple
  • Light: White
  • Dark: Black

Element Stones have 8 different types: earth, fire, water, ice, wind, lightning, light & dark. Each one can break into 4 different shards using the crafting table

The player can use element stone and element stone shards to craft Mystic Weapons and Armors. It includes staff, swords & battleaxes. Each weapon and armor have 6 different variations

Mystic Weapon Skills Triggering

All Weapons and Amors have own skills, most have the passive skill and some have active skill.
Passive skill triggers automatically

  • Use to attack for Swords and Battleaxes
  • Wear a full set of same armors for armors

Active skill can trigger by the player by:

  • Right clicking in computer/laptop
  • Pressing left trigger in Console
  • Touching and hold in mobile/tablet devices

The cooldown of active skill can only be used between that time interval


Stave is a powerful long-range magical weapon that you can perform supernatural things. It belongs to the active skill with very low durability, you can be enchanted it with Unbreaking

Evocation Staff (Earth)

Can summon evocation fang to all entities within 10 radius that causes damage and slows the target for 7 seconds.

  • Cooldown: 7 seconds
  • Durability: 50

Fiery Wand (Fire)

Using this one nearby all entities on fire within 10 radius range, it will leave a fire in where entities were standing

  • Cooldown: 4 seconds
  • Durability: 50

Wand Purifier (Water)

It will remove all negative effects of a user and give a fire-resistance effect for a short period of time

  • Cooldown: 25 seconds
  • Durability: 50

Thawed Scepter (Ice) – Mystic Weapon

Enchant all nearby entities in ice within 10 radius and slow them for 12 seconds. Destroy the ice in 8 seconds

  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • Durability: 50

Tempest Staff (Wind)

Levitate all nearby entities within 10 radius, it will drop them down that causes fall damage.

  • Cooldown: 7 seconds
  • Durability: 50

Lighting Scepter (Lightning)

Using this weapon, it will strike lighting to all nearby entities within 10 radius, however, it will not strike entity too close to the user

  • Cooldown: 7 seconds
  • Durability: 50
mcpeaddons download

Mystic Weapon Addon BP or here (gg drive)
Mystic Weapon Addon RP or here (gg drive)

Teleportation Wand (Light)

Shoot ender pearl to a designated direction, and teleport the user at the same time where it lands leaving blindness effect to all nearby entities within 5 radius.

  • Cooldown: 1 second
  • Durability: 50

Necromancy Staff (Dark)

This weapon will summon 4 undead that attacked nearby monsters, villagers, and players.

  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Durability: 60
  • Can equip in off hand

Undead Characteristics

  • Can inflict blindness effect to their target
  • Summon them but don’t own them, so they could attack you if you don’t hold this weapon or you attack them
  • Players who set a full set of shadow armor won’t attack by them
  • They’re like zombies but faster and don’t burn from sunlight
  • When undead has been killed it doesn’t give any xp nor loots
  • Can only naturally spawn via Necromancy Staff

Mystic Swords

The swords in Mystic weapon addon are melee weapons that deal high damage. Each sword has the active skill, some have passive, and some belong to both types

Players can able to enchant it with any applicable enchanting for the sword. Craft these swords like vanilla swords, you just use the corresponding element stone shard.

  • Evocation Blade (Earth)
  • Blazing Sword (Fire)
  • Scarlet Blade (Water)
  • Shattered Blade (Ice)
  • Scimitar Crusader (Wind)
  • Lightning Sword (Lighting)
  • Blade of Flicker (Light)
  • Cataclysm Blade (Dark)

Battleaxe Mystic Weapon

A deal higher damage than the sword and higher durability also. However, its abilities are not powerful as others they just give a target with negative effects or positive effects to a user.

Battleaxes can be used to break any wood-type block faster, fast as a diamond axe. You can also enchant it with any applicable enchanting for axe.

  • Venom Axe (Earth)
  • Death Swift Axe (Lightning)
  • Cerulean Edge (Water)
  • Frozen Axe (Ice)
  • Gravity Axe (Wind)
  • Bloodcursed Edge (Fire)
  • Cresent Axe (Light)
  • Blind Edge (Dark)

Mystic Armors

Gear protection to reduce incoming damages, each armor has a different element type for each piece. However, if you wear a full set of the same element type of armor, it will trigger the skill of the armor (depending on what type of element it is)

Mystic Armors also can be able to enchant with applicable enchantment for armor for each piece. Craft using element stone shards with same pattern recipe as vanilla

  • Obstruction Armor (Earth): Gain resistance effect permanently
  • Firaga Armor (Fire): Gain fire resistance effect permanently
  • Respiration Armor (Water): Gain water breathing effect permanently
  • Featherlight Armor (Wind): Gain slow falling effect permanently
  • Divine Armor (Light): Gain night vision effect permanently
  • Bloodlust Armor (Lightning): Gain strength and speed effect permanently
  • Glacial Armors (Ice): Gain a Frost Walker ability, this Frost Walker effect will not destroy the ice as long as you’re stepping on it, unlike the frost walker of enchanting
  • Shadow Armors (Dark): Gain invisibility effect permanently, armors will still remain visible. The purpose of it is to hide your IGN from another player. If you wear this full set of armor causes undead to not attack you


Staff: you can repair it by using Element Stone in an Anvil
Sword, Battleaxes and Armors: using element stone shards in an Anvil to fix equipments

Once you repair equipment, it will add 50 points of durability
Staff: it will be fully be repaired when damage

Where can you get Element Stones?

You can buy them in Wandering Trader

  • Purchase element stones: 12 emeralds, wandering trader sell up to two different kinds of stone and can purchase up to 4 times
  • You can also loot them in the following places/entities and here are the odds of chances to get them
Water Stone Ice Stone Wind Stone
Burried Treasure – 100%
Shipwreck – 75%
Fishing – 0.01%
Igloo – 75%
Underwater Ruin – 15%
Snow Village –  10%
End City – 100%
Jungle Temple – 20%
Shulker – 20%
Light Stone Lightning Stone Fire Stone
End City – 100%
Pillager Outpost – 10%
Enderman – 9%
Pillager Outpost – 10%
Gift from Cat – 0.02%
Enderman – 9%
Nether Bridge – 50%
Ruined Portal – 50%
Dark Stone Earth Stone
Phantom – 100%
Desert Pyramid – 16%
Gift from Cat – 0.02%
Enderman – 9%
Pillager Captain – 100%
Woodland Mansion – 75%
Abandoned Mineshaft – 20%
Desert Pyramid – 10%
Stronghold Library – 1%


  • 100% chance you can get any element stone upto 2 pcs. in Monster Room
  • 100% chance you can get any element stone upto 3 pcs. when killing wither boss


Mystic Weapon Addon
– Added:
+ Dark Stone & Dark Stone Shards
+ Necromancy Staff (Dark)
+ Shadow Armors (Dark)
+ Blind Edge (Dark)
+ Evocation Blade (Earth)
+ New Entity “Undead”
– Changed:
+ Cataclysm Blade: a dark element type and its explosion radius is reduced to prevent users to be affected by its explosion effect
+ Cataclysm Blade recipe and repairing item is changed into dark stone shard hence it’s now a dark element type
+ Venom Axe (Earth) reduce duration and amplifier of poison effect it gives to a target
+ Bloodcursed Edge (Fire) reduce duration and amplifier of wither effect it gives to a target


mcpeaddons download

Mystic Weapon Addon BP or here (gg drive)
Mystic Weapon Addon RP or here (gg drive)

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