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Hi everyone. This is my first addon and it adds necromancy and Necromancers to the game. 

With this addon you can fight with powerful enemies like necromancers and use spells to summon undead monsters. 

This is the first version of the addon and it only adds a sword,a spell and two necromancers. But in other updates it going to have Lots of undeads, spells, necromancers, swords and armors, and a mini boss and a really powerful boss.

So lets start with first necromancer:

Necromancer level 1:

This is necromancer level 1 and has ability to summon zombies (green particles) and husks (yellow particles) . He only knows 2 spells and uses them very well. 

Necromancer level 1 summoning zombies. 

Well its the weakest necromancer but can destroy a village alone. 


Experience reward:15 

If killed drops two iron and Undead sword. 

If lightning strickes him he turns into Necromancer level 2.

Necromancer level 2:

This is a more powerful version of necromancer level 2.

He has ability to summon husks(grey particles) and mummies(yellow particles). 

Because of dark magic his appearance has changed a lot. 

This is necromancer level 2


Experience reward:20

If killed drops 2 diamonds. 

The Mad summoner:

Mad summoner has no control over his power and this makes him so dangerous. Sometimes his own zombies kill him. 

He summons zombies until he dies😐. 


Experience reward : 1 😂

Mummy :

This undead was resting under the hot sands of deserts until a necromancer found them and forced them to work for them. (this is why the texture is so bad😅) 


Attack damage : 5

If killed drops rotten flesh and paper. 

For spawning ing all of this mobs you can use their spawn eggs or use commands starting with : /summon necro:(names you see in game). 

Weapons and spells:

Now there are only a sword and a spell but I’m going to add more. 

The Undead sword:

This sword has 17 damage and 200 durability. This sword gives hunger effect if you use it. 

This is how you can craft it. Or you can use /give @s necro:undeadsword to get it. 

Zombie summoner:

This spell summons zombies and you can use it like how you use it in two ways:

  1. Hold it for a little time : to trow it on surface and summon 2 zombies
  2. Hold it for a long time (like a bow when you want to shot with it) : to summon lots of zombies Warning: it can summon a lot of zombies if you hold it for 2 or 3 seconds and may crash your game or slow it down. 

Please pay attention : you can use this addon for your videos and maps but please mention me too as person made this addon. 

Remember to use experimental mode. 

If you found any bugs or wanted to suggest something please contact me on discord. This is my id : 722752104900591627

Thanks you for reading everything I have written. (I know its boring) 

Made by : Lord_ISR 


This addon is for Minecraft PE

Remember to use experimental mode. 


Supported Minecraft versions


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