Need to Host Video Calls? This Course Will Make You an Expert Microsoft Teams Admin


Over the past few months, video calls have become the primary method of communicating with our coworkers. On a small scale, setting up calls is relatively easy. But when you need to hold large meetings, things get trickier. The Microsoft Teams for Enterprise Administrators Course helps demystify one of the most popular platforms, with 18.5 hours of easy-to-follow tutorials. Right now, you can get the training for just $19.99 at the XDA Developers Depot.

Even if you don’t have to work from home, using Teams is a smart move. According to Microsoft, companies who switch to this software make decisions 17.7% faster than before. Little wonder that many recruiters are looking for project managers who really understand video calling.

This course helps you acquire such knowledge. Through 60 concise tutorials, you learn how to deploy and manage Teams in any workplace.

This includes everything from scheduling meetings and setting up calls to sharing content with coworkers. In addition, the training looks at governance, security, and compliance — all important details you need to get right. 

The content comes from iCollege, an online learning provider that has been delivering technical courses since 2003. As a student, you get lifetime access and the opportunity to earn certification.

It’s normally priced at $295, but you can pick up the course now for just $19.99.


The Microsoft Teams for Enterprise Administrators Course – $19.99

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