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With the introduction of the 1,16 nether update the nether is now habitable but unfortunately there isn’t a way to start inside of the nether and work your way to the overworld for that extra challenge! My addon changes just that!

How does it work?

It’s very simple… YOU START IN THE NETHER! After applying the behavior pack to your world you will generate in a bedrock box with a portal automatically sending you to the nether for the extra challenge! When you get inside of the nether your spawnpoint will set and your portal will disappear to ensure you receive the full nether experience! There are 3 downsides to this addon:

  1. Without the help of NBT editors you will not receive achievements
  2. A small bedrock box will generate in the overworld (Cover it up or don’t, not that big of deal).
  3. Sometimes you spawn over a lave lake! Be careful! (A red nether brick platform will generate to make sure you don’t fall!)

 DISCLAIMER: Do not reupload and tamper with MY mediafire and adfly links! Do not upload my creations to any apps or other links than the one MCPEDL provided. A copyright strike may occur by me if you do not abide by my rules. Also do NOT forget to CREDIT! 

Video Review:


Wait on the adfly screen for about 15-20 seconds



Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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