(Nether Update!) ET’s Survival Games 1: The Jungle


An auto-reseting small survival games map. Includes a village, ravine, mineshaft, a jungle temple, and a pyramid.

Instead of just chests, items can be found in chests, shulker boxes, and barrels hidden throughout the map. 

NETHER UPDATE: Mysterious noises have been heard coming from a small cave in the jungle, as well as a nearby camp site.

  • Updated lobby parkour with new blocks
  • New cave and secret area
  • Players no longer get pushed through blocks at the start of the game
  • Removed Herobrine
  1. New nether-themed lobby
  2. Grace Period added
  3. New hidden stronghold added to populate an empty area of the map

1. Temporary fix for glitch in 1.13 update where the pistons at the middle of map would push players out of the map.

2. Changed up the starting area a little bit

3. Fixed orientation of chests

Changed the title, as the map only works on v1.12.1 for some reason


Supported Minecraft versions


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