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NRMA Insurance Launches New Minecraft World “CLIMATE WARRIORS”


NRMA Insurance has launched “Climate Warriors”, a groundbreaking new Minecraft world, designed to help educate and engage the next generation of young Australians in understanding the importance of preparedness against the increasing risk of natural disasters.


Put your firefighting skills to the test as you learn about how to prepare, act and recover from bushfires.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to explain what material houses should be built out of to be bushfire safe.
  • Students can list three things that can be done before a bushfire to help protect houses and the community from bushfire.
  • Students will be able to discuss what actions we should take before, during and after a bushfire emergency.

Student activities

Climate Warriors has been designed to help engage the next generation in understanding the importance of preparedness against natural disasters due to the effects of climate change. The map and supporting resources will aid educators to impart on their students a greater knowledge of actions that can be taken to pre-emptively protect wildlife, homes and livelihoods against natural disasters such as bushfires. There is a complete lesson plan/outline in the “External References” section, but below is a quick summary.

  • Students gather information, complete some tests, interpret results and make predictions.
    • Students are provided with information about fire danger ratings and they are tasked with helping the Climate Scientist calculate fire danger rating.
    • Students test the resistance of wood, steel and brick to fire.
    • Students explore three safety measures that can be taken before a bushfire emergency that decreases the risk of loss of property.
  • Students take an active role during a bushfire emergency.
    • Students follow instructions from emergency personnel and support them in ensuring the safety of community members.
    • Students find and rescue a koala and return it to a safe place.
  • Students take an active role in helping the community recover from the bushfire emergency.
    • Students replant a badly burnt area with new trees.
    • Students support the community in the recovery efforts by delivering supplies to key areas in a helicopter.

With the NSW Department of Education providing free access to Minecraft: Education Edition to all NSW government schools, “Climate Warriors” is an additional resource for teachers to use in their classrooms and can be linked to a number of curriculum areas, including Science, English, Sustainability and Critical and Creative Thinking.

Check it out!

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