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One Blocco Revamped [Survival Map]

Basically, One Blocco Revamped is just a sky block, only standing on one block! You have to mine or destroy that block to get resources. Then you will get specific random items that are suitable for the survival of skyblock.

Cre: Cyefi, Youtube

How to play One Blocco Revamped

Spawn right on one block and you have to mine or destroy it to get more resources. All of the items will not fall down, it’s unlimited.

You and your friend can expand the island, but don’t forget to keep your items carefully!

What’s new!!

  • Trading hall
  • Added introduction and start button
  • Falling off to the void will give you a punishment
  • More blocks and Mobs
  • Added currency “Money”
  • More multiplayer friendly
  • Fixed and removed the problem of players being stuck above 0 0 0


mcpeaddons download

One Blocco Revamped .mcword

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