OnePlus 6T kernel source code now available


After months of leaks and rumors, the OnePlus 6T was officially announced earlier today. We already posted Part 1 of our review and shared some downloads from the device. OnePlus devices are generally very popular in the Android community. One thing that goes towards that is OnePlus’ openness with software. They have already posted the kernel sources for the OnePlus 6T on their GitHub page.

We saw OnePlus release the kernel source code for the OnePlus 6 about a week after the announcement. They made even better time with the OnePlus 6T as the device hasn’t even been official for 24 hours yet. The kernel source will allow developers to bring TWRP to the device and open it up to custom ROMs such as LineageOS. OnePlus is one of the better manufacturers when it comes to Android UIs, but we still love to have the option to run other ROMs.

OnePlus has been steadily improving when it comes to releasing the kernel source code. They failed to do so with the OnePlus 3, which caused some drama. The OnePlus 5 had kernel sources on the day of launch and the OnePlus 5T was treated the same way. We’re glad to see they have things on track with the newly announced OnePlus 6T. You can join the forums right now and chat about the device while waiting for that November 1st launch day.

View the kernel sources for the OnePlus 6T

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