OnePlus 8 series updates will bring portrait mode color filters and more


The OnePlus 8 has been in the news recently for its camera, but not in the way you might expect. People discovered that the OnePlus 8 Pro’s camera could use the Photochrom filter to see through certain things, including thin clothing. OnePlus made the decision to disable the feature and rework it. But that’s just one part of the OnePlus 8 series’ camera capability, and the company is continuing to work on it.

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Last week, the folks at OnePlus had an online Open Ears Forum about the OnePlus 8’s camera technology. During the meeting, some new features for the OnePlus 8 series were floated to users for feedback. Those features haven’t been revealed yet, but the company has shared some actions they will be taking based on feedback:

  • Continue improving white balance consistency across all lenses
  • Reduce the haloing seen on some HDR portrait shots
  • Improve UX for AE lock
  • Add more color filters and bring them to portrait mode
  • Show visual cue when tripod mode is triggered
  • Keep optimizing post-processing strategy

These things seem like pretty basic camera functions, but they’re also things that generally can always use improvement in smartphone cameras. White balance consistency across lenses is especially important in the day and age of multi-camera devices. The visual cue for tripod mode is also a welcomed addition as there’s no way to manually enable it.

We have no idea when these changes will come to the OnePlus 8 series. We’ll keep an eye out for these changes in a future OxygenOS update.

Thanks for XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username for the tip!

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