Ore Outlines

Minecraft Pocket Edition, or MCPE, has become one of the most popular mobile versions of Minecraft. Now, playing MCPE is even more fun and exciting with the introduction of new add-ons, such as Ore Outlines.

Ore Outlines is a new MCPE add-on that adds ore outlines to Minecraft. This add-on helps players to easily pinpoint and locate the different types of ore that can be found in the game. This can be helpful when mining ore, as it can make finding the ore a much easier and quicker process.

The Ore Outlines add-on is easy to install and use. Once installed, players will be able to easily locate ore in-game. The ore outlines will show up on the screen, helping players to easily distinguish between different types of ore. This can help players to find and collect the ore they need for crafting, which in turn can help them progress further in the game.

In addition to helping players find ore faster, the Ore Outlines add-on also adds a visual element to the game that is pleasing to the eye. The ore outlines add a nice and subtle color contrast, providing a more vibrant look to the game.

The Ore Outlines add-on is sure to be a hit with MCPE players. With this new add-on, players will have an easier time locating ore and benefiting from it, while also enjoying the nice visual element that it adds to the game.

Have you ever wanted outlines to ores that you see youtubers have? Ore Outlines texture pack lets you! This texture pack adds outlines to the minecraft ores that you know and love.

Creator: Alien Edds (Youtube)

Ore Outlines

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Ore Outlines

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Ore Outlines

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