Overlord Great Tomb of Nazarick is Map Minecraft PE about Tomb, in there will be treasures, books and lots of cool items.

Cre: NeJi111

Overlord Great Tomb of Nazarick updated version

The updated version of the good Tomb Of nazarick from the Anime series Overlord. I finished the walls and made the dummy nazarick as i promised within the version 1.00 of this build,i also added some minor details.BIG Thank because of all those people that downloaded this map amd was nice enough to rate it (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ.

what’s next?

I’ll upload other anime related maps next while im finding out references to make the accurate nazarick and once I say accurate I mean as close as possible to what the Novel, Manga and Anime portrayed but the thing is that the whole entirety of Nazarick isn’t shown in either of the sources i even looked in wiki, so I’ll got to refill those gap with my very own imagination,and i can’t really call that accurate.

I’ll be performing some research so i can make the layout of nazarick, it’ll probably take months or even a year before i can upload the “accurate” version.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for downloading

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here’s what the update contains:

  • Finished editing the Wall
  • Added Dirt Mound round the Wall
  • Added a Library
  • Added the Dummy Nazarick during a nearby forest
  • Removed the Barrier within the gate
  • Cleared an outsized portion of the Forest outside the Walls
mcpeaddons download

Or here (Drive)

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