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Overwatch 2 Dev Reveals Why It Is Hard to Have Fair Matchmaking at Lower Ranks

Recently, Overwatch 2 Development Director Aaron Keller discussed the difficulties concerning creating a fair matchmaking experience in the lower ranks of the upcoming hero shooter. While leveling up in competitive PvP games is difficult regardless of rank, Keller pointed out that the issue is exacerbated in lower ranks due to the number of new players that are regularly entering the game.

Speaking to IGN, Keller suggested that Overwatch 2’s matchmaking system would take into account the skill level of the players being matched, rather than evenly matchmaking players based solely on rank. According to Keller, while matchmaking based on rank certainly helps lower-level players find matches more easily, it is not designed to create the most optimal match experience.

Keller explained that Overwatch 2’s matchmaking system is designed to prioritize providing new players with the best possible matches based on their skill level, rather than their rank. For instance, a bronze-level player who has been playing for ten hours and learning the game, may match with a silver-level player who is also a newbie. Both players will be able to learn from each other, creating a much more balanced match experience than if the Silver-level player was matched with a veteran.

A major part of matchmaking will also be based on how many players are actually playing that particular game mode. According to Keller, if there are no players with a similar rank playing, Overwatch 2 will match players by ping and provide competitors who offer the best possible connection. Ultimately, Overwatch 2’s matchmaking system is designed to provide players with the most balanced and enjoyable experience possible.

Keller and the Overwatch 2 team are confident that they can provide a fair matchmaking experience, even at the lower ranks. Although it may be difficult, the team is determined to continue to reinvigorate the game with the latest strategies and strategies. With the full release of Overwatch 2 scheduled for late 2021, the team is fully committed to making sure the game’s matchmaking system is top-notch.

Why It’s Difficult to Ensure Fair Matchmaking at Lower Ranks in Overwatch 2

In an interview with Yann Nguema, lead software engineer on Overwatch 2, he shed light why the game may have difficulty having fair matchmaking when it comes to lower ranks.

Differences in Skill Levels

Nguema states that the main challenge for the team when designing matchmaking for lower ranks is the miscalculation that some players have in the estimations of their own skill level. He referred to this challenge as “leagues of a kind”.

With the lower ranks, there is a wide variety of players with regards to experience and ability. More experienced players often find it difficult to maintain their current ranking as they will face tougher opponents than those of lower ranks. This often leads to players trying to play well above their current skill level, and this can lead to them being pitted against enemies that are too challenging for them.

Lack of Fair Play

Nguema also addressed the issue of fair play when it comes to lower ranks. He claims that with the more experienced players, there is often a lack of respect for their opponents, leading to poor play and even cheating at times. This can lead to matches becoming unbalanced, which would make it difficult to ensure fair matchmaking in these games.

Playing Above Your Rank

In order to combat the problem of players playing above their current rank, Nguema’s team has implemented systems to try to combat this. He states that they are actively trying to promote fair play while encouraging players to maintain their current rank.


Although matchmaking can be difficult at the lower ranks of Overwatch 2, Nguema notes that the team is doing their best to ensure that matches are fair and balanced. With the introduction of systems to prevent players from playing above their current rank, and encouraging good sportsmanship, the team of Overwatch 2 should be able to ensure fair matchmaking at the lower ranks.

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