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Overwatch 2’s Matchmaking Controversy Explained

Overwatch 2 is a highly anticipated game set for release later this year, and with the recent announcement of its release date the internet has been abuzz about the game’s matchmaking feature. This feature, which was introduced to Overwatch in 2018, allows players to form teams based on their individual skill level. The controversy surrounds the fact that some players have expressed frustration at the fact that the matchmaking system puts them in teams with players who are not up to their skill level.

The issue is that the matchmaking system does not always accurately reflect the skill level of the players it puts together. This can lead to situations where a higher-skilled player is put on a team with players who are not at the same level, creating an unbalanced match. This isn’t just a problem for those players who are higher up on the skill ladder, as it can be just as frustrating for those players who are placed with players who aren’t as skilled as they are.

In Overwatch 2, Blizzard is looking to address this issue by introducing two new matchmaking systems: “Adaptive” and “Crafted.” The Adaptive system will create matches based on player performance and personal preferences. Meanwhile, the Crafted system will allow players to choose a team composition that they are most comfortable with, allowing them to select only the players who fit their desired team.

The hope is that the new matchmaking systems will give players a significantly better experience in Overwatch 2 compared to the original title, but the true test will be when the game actually releases. If the matchmaking systems do not improve the overall experience then it could lead to further disappointment among the community, as well as an overall decline in popularity for the game.

For now, however, players will just have to wait and see if the new matchmaking systems are an improvement over the old. If the matchmaking works as intended then it could help Overwatch 2 become one of the most successful titles in the franchise. Until then, however, the Overwatch community will just have to wait to find out whether the new matchmaking systems can live up to the hype. Regardless, it is clear that Blizzard is taking steps to ensure the best possible experience for its players.

What is Matchmaking in Overwatch 2?

Matchmaking is the process of pairing players together in combat to ensure games are both fair and balanced, as well as entertaining. It involves a variety of skill ranking systems, matchmaking algorithms, and other factors to ensure players of equal skill are pitted against each other. Matchmaking helps improve the overall gaming experience for players, and it’s an essential component of Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 and Matchmaking Controversy

The controversy surrounding Overwatch 2’s matchmaking system is due to the fact that developers have implemented a specialized system that will prioritize Quick Play matches over Ranked matches. This means Quick Play players will be more likely to be matched up with others in their region, rather than being matched up with random opponents who could be of various skill levels.

Critics of the new system point out that, as a result, Quick Play players who are not as experienced may end up gaming against experienced opponents who outclass them. Consequently, players who put in the time and effort to develop their skills in Ranked play may at times find themselves pitted against what they feel are inexperienced players, thus taking away the challenge they wanted.

Reasons for the Change

The Overwatch 2 development team had a few objectives in mind when making the change:

  • Create more balanced matchmaking. By prioritizing Quick Play games, the team is confident that the balance between experienced players and newcomers will be kept in check.
  • Increase player retention. Experienced players may find some matches easier than they would like, but this change also provides an incentive for newcomers, or players who are just starting out, to stick with the game because they will be regularly matched up with players of similar skill levels.
  • Improve the speed of matchmaking. By giving Quick Play matches priority, players will be able to get into games faster without having to wait long periods of time for Ranked matches.


While the changes have been met with a mixture of reactions from the community, it is clear that the Overwatch 2 team had good intentions as they feel this is the best way to ensure a balanced match-making system and a high-quality gaming experience for players.

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