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Hey how’s it going guys I’m RJH4den!!

This map is based on the real game called Pacify, and it’s really scary from the people who tested my map. 

Warning: contains loud sounds, jumpscares!!

Subsribe: RJH4denYT

This map can be played multiplayer, and needs good strategy. The more dolls you burn, the faster she gets. 

In this image, is a picture of a doll that you need to burn. You need to find 9 of them, their all around the house. 

How to play:

  • Unlock the Boiler Room.
  • Manage to find all the 9 dolls around.
  • Find Wood at the basement & the attic.
  • Burn all the dolls 1 by 1.
  • Escape the house if  you burned all the doll.
  • Just don’t get caught!!! 

How to burn dolls:

The boiler basically works as a minecraft furnace where you need to put the wood below and the doll above it. It’s like cooking in a minecraft furnace, but we’re cooking dolls. 

How to avoid her:

  • In the original game there are 2 types of dolls one is a normal doll & one is a marked doll. To calm her down we need a normal doll.
  • Therefore I added a messege in the map, which by giving her gold totems can calm her down.
  • How do you give the gold totems?  If she’s fast there’s a chance for you to not give it, but if you have a totem in your hotbar, you will automatically give it to her, when gets she’s near you.
  • If you don’t have a gold totem, you can outrun her if she’s slow, but if she’s fast you will probably get caught.
  • Don’t worry if you die, you’ll be on your place, she will just jumpscare you. 

Map Info:

  • I can’t tell you all places in the map, thats why I don’t show screenshots of places, it’s basically same as the real game.
  • The demon girl, spawns at the attic, and respawns in the Main Hall. 



Read This:

If you can’t open the furnace please go to the menu and change the Open Container.

From NO to YES. 

– Added Pics of the map, read tge description before you play*

*Changed the picture of the game*

*Changed the world icon*

Fixed the details, and download files

Added Tips on how to play

*Added more Info about the map*

* Added tips on how to play*

Changed the map a bit, added a better jumpscare.

Changed the sounds


– Click one link, and it will download!

– The zip will bring you to MediaFire, just click download. 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

Source link


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