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Paradise Zoo was created by a teenager who has lots of time! Make sure to follow my Instagram @paradise.zoo_ for sneak peaks and votes for future animals and exhibits! Enjoy!

Welcome to Paradise Zoo! It is not finished, but there are currently 2 exhibits. There are multiple restrooms, eateries, and shops spread throughout the zoo. If any enclosure is empty, that may mean the animals despawned – feel free to add them back in!

Exhibits and Features:

Wild Africa: Explore the savannas and jungles of Africa! From large African Elephants, to cute Lemurs, there are tons of species to discover! Located west of the entrance, you’ll be sure to find something. Spare money? Visit the Wild Shoppe and buy souvenirs to remember your time here!

Asian Hills: Pandas, tigers, gharials, and many more mysterious animals await in Asian Hills! Located North from the entrance and Paradise Park, you will feel like you’re in Asia! Hungry? Visit the Sushi Bar and enjoy delicious sushi! Pandas, Pandas, and More Pandas! is a large gift shop full of – you guessed it – panda plushies!

Paradise Park: Tired of walking? Come to Paradise Park, located right in the center of the zoo, making it easily accessible! Here there’s a small pond with fish, a playground for the kids, and walking trails! In Paradise Park, there is fun for everyone!

Map of the Zoo: 

Future Ideas (May Change):

South American Exhibit

Australian Exhibit


Remember, these addons and resource packs already come when downloading the zoo, so no need to worry about downloading these separately!


Once downloaded, open the file in the Addons for Minecraft app, import, and open in Minecraft from there.

IMPORTANT: It may be easier to download this map from the Addons for Minecraft app. Search “Paradise Zoo” and download from there.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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