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Can’t jump in Minecraft? Don’t you want to be a noob until the end of your minecraft days? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn to jump today. At the Parkour Academy in Minecraft! Parkour Academy is a map created for players unable to jump parkour in minecarft! The map contains several levels! Each level is a new lesson. In this parkour you will learn to jump 360°, on slime blocks and even jump on the heads. Of course, minecarft heads 😀

Interested? See other interesting information about my map:D

Everyone can learn parkour! Even the biggest noob. Put on your tracksuit and go on a parkour adventure. You are at Parkour’s school. Enter the class and … Start the adventure on the parkour.

At each level, you learn something new while training it. Be careful not to fall, otherwise it will hurt a lot. There is a spawnpoint on each island. Don’t cheat, enter the island otherwise spawnpoint will not be recognized.

The map has been refined in every detail. If it didn’t work, spawnpoint or something else. Write to me immediately and inform me about the error. I will fix it as soon as possible

I tried to make the map friendly for everyone. New minecrafters who are just learning to jump parkour in minecarft and veterans who have been playing mimecarfta for years. I am a creator trying to make maps were refined and work smoothly and without bags. Attention, I checked the map several times, every jump I think can be done. If you can’t do something, I leave the gamemode options unlocked. Remember, use it wisely.

I interested you Download my map now and learn how to jump parkour in Minecarft at the Parkoura Academy!


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