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A parkour where there are 5 levels with different degrees of difficulty, each level has a spawnpoint. Parkour has different biomes to complete, adding a puzzle as an extra minigame. Parkour consists of a troll ending.

You start on the first snow map, difficulty; easy.

The second map is grass, difficulty; easy

The third map is of sand, difficulty; normal

The fourth map is lava, difficulty; difficult                                                             

The fifth map is of primary colors, difficulty; Impossible

So have fun playing parkour, if you notice any map failure, or possible ideas for a second part, leave it in the comments…

A direct link was added, in addition to parkour images.

A puzzle was added and images were added regarding parkour, in addition to updating the links

Se añadieron imágenes de los niveles de parkour y se especifico el modo y la dificultad en la que se encontraban.


Installation is easy, since the map is a “.mcworld” you just have to download and press the file and it will automatically open minecraft, you just have to grant the game permissions and voila, you can play.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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