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Parkour Master Remastered v2 | 1.19 Support! – MCPE AddOns


Parkour Masters | Remastered • Patch notes v2 

Parkour Masters now has 1.19 support!

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New Content =
New items in the Shop!

Fishing Rod – Costs: 3 Wins

Death Potion – Costs: 10 Wins

= New loading sign in the parkour

Bug Fixes
= Fixed a bug where when you wanted to start a game the game wouldn’t start or even crash MC
= Fixed a bug in the store when you wanted to buy an item it said “Need Money” instead of “Need Points” the same thing happened with the wins and it was changed to “Need Wins”
= Fixed a bug where the system to add more players would not work and would get stuck
= Fixed trees with 3D leaves in the lobby
= Fixed a bug where when you reached the end and finished parkour the game couldn’t be started again
= Fixed a bug where the start game button would not be removed, causing fatal errors
= Fixed a bug with unicodes where the number 3 had a blue line

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