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Are you like it drive an tricycle, or you are just a someone to ride on it, Now you Can try this Addon with your friends or just by yourself so there’s no problem 🙂

Are you feeling bored to ride some vehicles? Or you may like a local-liked style vehicle, this addon is good for you

This Addon Add three colored tricycles and one designed tricycle so you could enjoy it and it’s originally made by me

Did you know?

Tricycles in the Philippines are in different kinds of models so I created it in my own models 🙂

Here are the colors:




*Green (Mcpedl inspired designed)

How to drive on it:

You must need to equip a saddle to the vehicle so you can drive it as much as you go 🙂

Here’s the video that you can watch on it:


This Add-on was totally made by myself and I use my idea to make this kind of add-on, I never steal some codes any way and Here’s the similar addon which you can try it too that created by mikkeeeyyyy

You can reply me on twitter if there’s something wrong @rmplaysmc_yt

any way enjoy hahah!!


By Installing and using of this Addon you may agree the Terms and Conditions:

-Review it for your Youtube(please give me a credit using @rmplaysmc_yt, including the channel link)

-You should include this MCPEDL link to your video

-You may have no rights to modify it

-You may have no rights to claim it as yours

-Use it for personal use Only


Supported Minecraft versions


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