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Pig Race (Map)

This is a hilarious pig race mini-game. Each player will ride a piggy and drive it with a carrot rod while avoiding all of the obstacles on the track in order to reach the finish line first and win the game.

To win, be the first to cross the finish line. Remember to navigate the circuit’s obstacles with caution. Finally, there will be some lucky blocks along the route that may or may not benefit you.

Cre: TEAM CUBITOS MC (Youtube, Twitter

Pig Race (Map)


  • Self-repairing map
  • Includes models, sounds and animations for a better experience.
  • For more difficulty, activate or deactivate the piggy hits.
  • Play with up to 8 players
  • Map bugs? run this command: /function reset
  • The game can be started with only one player to test the map

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CREATOR : Andiuber

FACEBOOK : @AndiuberOficial

TWITTER : @AndiuberOficial

TIKTOK : @andiuber

YOUTUBE : Andiuber




Pig Race
Pig Race (Map)
Pig Race
Pig Race (Map)
Pig Race (Map)
Pig Race
Pig Race
Pig Race
Pig Race
Pig Race

Download Pig Race (Map) (Web Creator)  

Download Pig Race (Map) (Down now)  

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