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What do you think about a Pokemon with the same quality as the Pixelmon Mod in Java Edition? Come to Pixelmon Bedrock addon and you will own them on Bedrock Edition!! Trying to raise Pokemon with awesome quality, meet and catch various Pokemon in the wild, even stay together!

Cre: DrGame0627, Discord, Youtube

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Pixelmon Bedrock

This addon is improved and developed by permission of the Pixelmon Generations team and cannot be redistributed

Starting Pokémon

When you start the game, you have to choose one of three Pokémon in the menu bar which includes: bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle

After choosing it, there is an item called Menu appears, you can apply for a battle and summon Pokemon ( battle between users are not possible)

How to use Pixelmon Bedrock

  • To change slots: right click on Computer – Press on screen (iOS/Android)
  • How to Eject Pokémon: Sneak and try to slot change
  • How to battle:
    • Specifies the Pokémon to battle
    • Then press the wild Pokémon that you want to battle against and the battle will begin
Pokemon Loot Pokemon Loot
Bulbasaur Vine(100%) : 1~2 Charmander  Blaze Powder(100%) : 1~2
Ivysaur Vine(100%) : 2~3, Stick(50%) : 1 Charmeleon  Blaze Powder(100%) : 2~3, Blaze Rod(50%) : 1
Venusaur  Vine(100%) : 3~4, Stick(100%) : 1~2 Charizard  Blaze Powder(100%) : 3~4, Magma Cream(100%) : 1~2
Blastoise  Lily Pad(100%) : 3~4, Prismarine Crystal(66.67%) : 1~2, Sponge(6.67%) : 1~2 Wartortle   Lily Pad(100%) : 2~3, Prismarine Shard(50%) : 1, Sea Lantern(10%) : 1
Squirtle  Lily Pad(100%) : 1~2 Caterpie  String(100%) : 1~2, Web(50%) : 1
Metapod  String(100%) : 1 Weedle  String(100%) : 1~2
Kakuna  String(100%) : 1 Beedril String(100%) : 1
Rattata Rotten Flesh(100%) : 1, Cooked Mutton(50%) : 1 Raticate Rotten Flesh(100%) : 1~2, Cooked Mutton(50%) : 1
Pikachu  Glowstone Dust(100%) : 1~2 Growlithe  Blaze Powder(100%) : 1~2, Bone(50%) | 1
Arcanine  Blaze Powder(100%) : 1~2, Bone(50%) | 1 Gastly  Ghast Tear(100%) : 1, Soul Sand(50%) : 1
Haunter   Ghast Tear(100%) : 1~2, Soul Sand(66.67%) : 1 Gengar  Ghast Tear(100%) : 1~3, Soul Sand(66.67%) : 1~2
Eevee  Rabbit Hide(100%) : 1~3 Mew None
Dialga  None Palkia  None
Giratina   Ender Pearl(100%): 1~2Soul Sand(50%): 1 Arceus  None

All Pokémon in Pixelmon Bedrock addon appear as Shiny Pokémon with a 1/4096 chance. Using the command  ‘/tag @e[family=pokemon,c=1] add shiny to turn the nearest Pokemon into a Shiny Pokemon.

Mega Evolution

Mega-evolved bosses Pokémon have the chance to appear. If the player defeats the boss Pokémon, you will get a Key Stone and a Mega Stone. In addition, the Mega evolution is possible when equipped.

All Apricorns

New Ores: Pixelmon Bedrock added 6 new ores Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Silicon and Crystal Ores



All Pokemon – Pixelmon Bedrock

Ivysaur Venusaur Charmander
Charizard Squrite Wartortle
Caterpie Metapod Weedle
Beedrill Rattata Raticate
Growlithe Arcanine Gastly
Gengar Eevee Mew
Palkia Dialga Arceus

More Pokemon will be added later


– Added new Pokemon: Rattata, Raticate, Growlithe, Arcanine, Gastly, Haunter, Gengar
– Added Mega Evolution; Shiny Pokemon; Boss Pokemon
– Vanilla mobs no longer spawn
– Easier to catch Pokemon
Bug Fix
– Wild Pokémon couldn’t be caught
– No longer use skills


mcpeaddons download

Pixelmon Bedrock v1.1.0 – Beta 3
or here (gg drive)

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