Players and Better Zombies Addon


Players and Better Zombies is a addon that adds NPC players (Steve and Alex) and it also has added the Zombie Alex and most zombie are stronger and have more health and most can’t die in the sun. This is my first mcpack i been working on for a while.

    This addons NPCs spawn in the world randomly for survival mode, When you tame Steve or Alex with a golden nuggets they will follow you and protect. When you name them the name tag can be seen for far like a normal player. Steve’s weapons are swords and Alex’s weapons are bows and both have are golden apples, food, glow dust, and etc. They both wear armor but its random what they wear.

Features That This Addon Has


1.  Steve and Alex can fight mob, trade, drop loot,heal self, eat, and follow you if you tame them.

2.  you can tame the NPCs (Steve and Alex)  if you have a Golden Nugget and right click on them to tame.

3. They are friends to any thing that does not hurt them.

4. Most .Zombies have 60 health and can’t die in sun light.

5. Baby Zombies are slower and Normal Zombies.

6. Zombies and a little slower but Little Stronger.


-The Alex Zombie has the same normal zombie sounds now.

-Added More Photos

-Alex Zombie have Zombie sounds like normal zombies

-Updated Description

-Zombies and The Alex Zombie have the same Zombies Sounds now.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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