Pluribus Music Festival! Music is life!


This year the new festival has arrived, a festival that will never be forgotten, a multi-genre festival, this is nicknamed as … Pluribus Music Festival!

The multi-genre festival has arrived in the world of minecraft!

Welcome minecraft players! Today I come to show you a map created by my so-called “Pluribus Music Festival” a multi-genre festival for the world of minecraft, I know you will like it if you look at it, so now I show you the scenarios 😀

(ATTENTION, the festival is not real, it is my creation)


1). Club Stage:

2). Portal Stage

3). Kingdom Stage

4). Main Stage

Details and Description:


P.M.F. (Pluribus Music Festival) is a multi-genre festival, which is made to do concert roles or also do a rewiew (sorry, I don’t know how to write it, I forget ^^ “) as long as they give me credits.


1). The map contains 4 scenarios, these are previously seen the

  • Club Stage
  • Portal Stage
  • Kingdom Stage
  • Main Stage

2). Contains 3 wheels of fortune and a roller coaster.

3). It contains a few shops and restaurants.

4). It has its own official logo

5). There are some unfinished stores, but you can decorate and finish them! (only the unfinished ones)

These were the details and the description, now I will show you an aerial view map.

And this has been everything, I hope you like it and that you give me a good grade for the work I did, that’s all and we’ll see you next time!

🚨License to use or show the map🚨

If you want to use or show the map for your video, first ask me for permission, if I give you permission to use it you must have a watermark that I will send you and you will have to send me the link of the video to see if you did, and so we will not have problems! ^^


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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