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Pokemon’s Next Anime Series Could Inspire a New Video Game Spin-Off

Pokémon is no stranger to inspiring new forms of media. Over the past 26 years, the franchise has spawned multiple videos games, movies, and animations. Now, reports are surfacing about the new spin-off title the franchise is exploring.

The latest Nintendo Direct broadcast informed the public that The Pokémon Company is planning an anime series based off the popular Pokémon Sword and Shield games available for the Nintendo Switch. However, this show may also be the starting point for a brand-new video game spin-off. The horror RPG style games in this franchise have been extremely successful, and the upcoming show could be the perfect source material for a new style of game.

This isn’t the first time The Pokémon Company has indulged its creative side. In the past, we’ve seen plenty of crossover games like Pokémon GO and Tetris 99, as well as ports and remakes of classic Pokémon titles like Red and Blue and Yellow. A new horror spin-off game would fit into this larger picture, giving fans of the franchise something fresh and exciting to experience.

A horror-style Pokémon game would combine the classic touchscreen turn-based battle system the franchise is most known for with thrilling background elements, creating an experience that could both horrify and captivate players. The player could wander through a haunted version of the dungeons found in the Sword and Shield games, fighting monsters and solving puzzles as they go. The game could even feature a storyline that links directly back to the events of the upcoming anime.

No matter what form the new Pokémon game takes, fans are sure to be pleased by the announcement of a new spin-off. This genre of horror spin-off titles could bring the franchise to new heights and introduce newer fans to the classic series. The new game could be the next big success story of The Pokémon Company and the perfect way to commemorate the classic franchise’s 26 years of entertainment.

Pokemon’s Next Anime Series Could Inspire New Video Game Spin-Off

The world’s most beloved anime series, Pokemon, is about to get even more exciting. With the upcoming release of its next anime series – tentatively titled “Pokemon the Series: XYZ” – it looks like fans will have even more to look forward to. And if the new series is as exciting and new as it looks, then it could easily inspire a brand new video game spin-off. Here’s why:

New Storyline and Characters

The new series will undoubtedly feature new storyline, characters, and creatures that we’ve never seen before. This could mean great new levels to explore, environments, and challenges – all of which could inspire an entirely new and unique Pokemon game experience.

Exciting New Art Style

The new series will also feature a completely redesigned art style; this could be yet another source of inspiration for a new Pokemon game, as the game developers could make use of the new look and feel to create a visually exciting adventure.

New Mythology

The new series is likely to introduce us to a brand new mythology that could be used to create an entirely new world for us to explore. This could be a great opportunity for game designers to bring forth an exciting and unique gaming experience.


Overall, Pokemon’s upcoming anime series could very well inspire a brand new video game spin-off. With its new storyline, characters, art style and mythology, game designers could easily be spurred to create something amazing. For any die-hard Pokemon fan out there, this could be the ultimate experience in gaming.

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