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Welcome to the world of pokemon on Minecraft Bedrock Edition

With this addon explore your Minecraft world in search of pokémons !

Will you be able to capture all the legendary Pokémon? 

Complete tutorial: https://youtu.be/CkOufW3kiYU

Make sure that experimental mode is on, and that the addon is in the world !

Welcome ! I am professor Maukat ! Before exploring the world you will need to choose a Starter Pokemon !

( If Charmander doesn’t work, drop a pokeball on him ! )

Nice choice ! As you can see there is the name of your pokemon written on your screen.

The color of his name is his type, Blue for water, Red for fire, Green for plant, Gray for spectrum, Dark Gray for rock, and Purple for Psy.

This add-on is also really optimized for tablets and phones.

When you will join the world you will have 5 pokeballs, an anvil, and a map.

Use your map to find poke centers on your world.

( Here is the perfect seed -239917683 😉 )

In the Poke Center, you will find PokeTrader’s machines, healers, and computers.

The PokeTrader sells 15 PV potions ( The Arena update is coming..) and Rare candies to level up your pokemons !

Use your rare candy on a computer to level up your principal pokemon.

Mostly all pokémons have an evolution.

There are 38 pokemons.

You will need pokeballs to catch them. To craft pokeballs to catch pokemons you need red apricorn,iron ingots and an iron hammer.

You can find red apricorns by walking in your world. You can place them by dropping them

or use them to craft pokeballs .

Bake your apricorns berries to craft a pokeball disc.

Use the anvil in your inventory by sneaking and releasing early.

You need 6 iron hammer for a pokeball.

Now assemble the disks to craft a pokeball.

Once you caught some pokemons you can switch them to your main pokemon.

Click on the PC with the main pokemon you want to switch them.

When your pokemons have made all their evolutions, you can drop them and they will follow you !

You will receive a pokeball to catch it back.

Nice job ! You can now start your adventure.. but did I told you about the legendary pokemons ?

At night, there’s a legendary pokemon named Rayquaza that spawn in the extreme hills, if he spawned you will see his name at the top of your screen..

Oh I also missed Mew, Mew is a legendary pokemon that spawn in forests.

There is a strange machine named Clone Machine that can transform Mew into Mewtwo !

( Watch the video to see how to transform Mew into Mewtwo !

Good luck my friend ! Hope you will catch all the pokemons !


Once you clicked on the link. wait 5 seconds, You will unlock a mediafire link, download the add-on, create a new world, enable experimental mode, the resource pack and the behavior pack and get ready for the adventure !

Thanks to Ma-J Games for the anvil texture !


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