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Greetings fellow human beings, and welcome to the world of Prehistoric Rift! This addon aims to expand upon the gameplay of Minecraft by adding prehistoric creatures and enhances the vanilla experience!

Please note that when distributing the addon, only use the mcpedl page or the github related links. You can also make a video about this addon but don’t make it a dumb clickbaity one.

If you spot any bugs or if you have suggestions you can post them in the bugtracker on GitHub. Just make sure to browse the area first.. You may also feel free to join my discord server where you can casually hang out, or the twitter account for updates.


These items are essential to make the most out of the addon


These food items are needed to tame and breed the creatures in the addon. Different treats work on different mobs, so try play around with them and see

  • Berry Treats
  • Grassy Treats (tall grass and grass also works)
  • Leafy Treats (all types of leaves work)

  • Rooted Treats (Beetroots and Carrots can also be used)

  • Flesh Treats (any meat thats not chicken works)
  • Fish Treat (salmon also works)

Command Staff

This item is required to utilize the special abilities of your mount. Use it while riding to see what happens!


aka the main attraction of this addon 😀


The Tyrannosaurus can be found in the plains or mountains. It’s neutral most of the time, but every once in a while it will attack anything it deems to be food. In order to tame it, you need to find a baby and give it flesh treats.

Once tamed, its command staff ability is to let out a roar that will knock back most mobs and destroy blocks weaker than wood!


The Stegosaurus can be found in plains biomes grazing alongside other Stegosauruses. Don’t aggravate it because it is capable of killing most mobs in one hit. They can be tamed with berry treats, rooted treats, and grassy treats.


The Dodo is essentially a dumb chicken except that it doesn’t drop any eggs. You can just put them in a pen and breed them with berry treats.

Their meat however is quite special. When cooked, they will grant you absorption.


The Triceratops is a friendlier version of the Stegosaurus, like, you can go pat them in the wild. Don’t aggravate them because they’re quite fast and will not take you lightly. They can be tamed with berry treats, rooted treats, and grassy treats.

Once tamed, their command staff ability is to go into a rage mode where they will be faster and can charge into blocks weaker than wood and mobs, as demonstrated in this video


Utahraptors can be either found in packs hunting or hiding in the forests. Though very aggressive, you can make them trust you by giving them flesh treats.

Taming them is a different story. You have to go to a forest and find a baby, and give it flesh treats.

Once tamed, you can power jump way higher than a horse would, and you can even pounce onto other mobs, as demonstrated in this video:

Other things to note

The vanilla help section has been replaced with a handy guide to the addon, so be sure to read it every now and then!

changed featured image so that it will get accepted for submission


Before downloading please note that this was built for latest betas, so if ur on the official release I probably can’t help out.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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