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This Add-on implements in your Minecraft worlds weapons inspired by Prehistory, such as clubs, spears and others.

Some weapons of the Add-on have a 3D style which is only appreciated when being in the third person or watching another player

This add-on adds the next weapons:


The clubs are inspired by the ancient weapons that cavemen used to hunt and other activities.

The clubs come in 3D style. But it can only be seen in the third person, in the first person they will look like normal items

  • Wood club
  • Makes 5 damage attack
  • Recipe:
  • Stone club
  • Makes 6.5 damage attack
  • Recipe:
  • Bone club

  • Makes 8 damage attack
  • Recipe:

Other weapons

These other weapons are inspired by Prehistory, these will have different uses than the clubs, this will go away implementing over time.

The stone lance has a 3D design, but like the clubs, it will only be seen in the third person

  • Stone spear

  • Makes 7 attack damage
  • Recipe:
  • Bone knife

  • Makes 7.5 attack damage
  • Recipe:
  • Bone sword

  • Makes 9 attack damage
  • Recipe:

Bone Armor

Future updates

  • Add javelins
  • Add more wood and stone tools
  • Chance the craft to the bone sword
  • Add more forms to obtain the items

Improvement in the description of the Add-on and the description of installation


Modification of the addon is prohibited

The use of the Add-on for addons pack is allowed

If you make video about the Add-on, link to this page for download


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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