Prepare for 9 Top IT Certification Exams With This $39 Training Bundle


In the current financial climate, finding a secure job has become the top priority for many of us. While some industries are struggling, there are still many vacancies in IT. If you would like to break into this lucrative sector, make The Complete 2020 IT Certification Exam Prep Mega Bundle your starting point. This learning library includes all the prep you need to ace nine top exams, with insight from top instructors. You can get it now for just $1,800 at the XDA Developers Depot. 

You don’t need an amazing academic record to land a good job in IT. However, recruiters do look for certifications. If you can pass the exams, the rewards are pretty great — AWS-certified IT professionals earn $129,868 on average.

This bundle helps you prep for nine top exams, with extensive video training. Through concise lessons, you learn about cloud computing with AWS and Microsoft Azure, and work towards Cisco networking exams. In addition the training helps you earn the all-important CompTIA Security+ certification. With lifetime access to all the courses, you can study at your own pace.

You learn from a roster of top instructors, including Scott Duffy. This certified Enterprise Architect has helped over 343,000 students, earning a rating of 4.4/5 stars on Udemy. 

They’re worth $1,800 in total, but you can get these courses now for just $39.


The Complete 2020 IT Certification Exam Prep Mega Bundle – $39

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